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Our Certification is a practical examination by Recorded Future Senior Threat Intelligence Analysts in line with pre-established criteria for determining proficiency in Recorded Future. Successful candidates will demonstrate clear and thorough knowledge of threat intelligence principles through the configuration of Threat Views, data visualization and export, and successfully identifying necessary information from a set of intelligence requirements, within a given time. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of course completion, Recorded Future Certified Analyst numbered certificate, and are able to use the Recorded Future Certified Analyst emblem on their physical and digital resume.

Success Criteria

A successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Ability to define threat intelligence and related concepts and terms, including sources, methods, threat vectors, threat actors, vulnerabilities, assets, and risk.
  • Familiarity with common threat models and ontologies, including the Intelligence Cycle, Cyber Kill Chain, the Diamond Model, and the Pyramid of Pain.
  • Working comprehension of analysis fundamentals, process, and analytic methods, including opportunity analysis, lynchpin analysis, Analysis of Competing Hypotheses.
  • Functional understanding of open sources information and intelligence resources, including technical reporting, open source tools and sites, news sources, social media, and community oriented reporting resources, such as VirusTotal and
  • Competency in Recorded Future product navigation, iconography, features, and support resources.
  • Proficiency in configuring Recorded Future towards your organization’s strategic, tactical, and operational goals.
  • Working knowledge of Threat Views Global views, including the purpose and constraints of columns, cyber threat signal.
  • Configuration of Threat Views using Watch Lists, including threat monitoring of brand, software assets, logical assets, industry vertical, and relevant cyber attack attributes, including attackers, threat vectors, vulnerabilities, targets, and named operations.
  • Working knowledge of Intel Cards, including risk scoring and risk rules, reference counts, context entities, pivots to visualizations, and data exporting options.
  • Setup and use of OMNI Intel Partner Extensions within applicable Intel Cards, including Intel Partner organizations and capabilities.
  • Strong proficiency with Recorded Future table view and orienting the reference table to identify key references and entities of interest via the entity tree,.
  • Proficiency in orienting and annotating the timeline view through group and color settings, and modifying the timeline of events.
  • Understanding of Source Map, including major source types in Recorded Future, sources and authors, and language collection.
  • Working competency of Search and Advanced Search to surface appropriate IOCs, vulnerabilities, malware, and threat actor Intel Cards
  • Research and enhance pivots from pre-built queries, and modifying queries for clarity.

Certified Analysts

First Name Last Name
Tommy McNeela
Justin Smith
Michael Ross
Matthew Stout
Nyle Trott
Wesley Byrd
Murtuza Kagalwala
Anitha Dakamarri
Patryk Gawel
Patrick Campbell
Nhan Trinh
Joshua Bratz
Austin Rappeport
Cory Conway
Alex Maier
Santosh Bachu
Matthew Clairmont
Carlos Diaz
Miranda Dillon
Creighton Fletcher
James Lopez
James McCarthy
John Menezes
Michael Mitra
Christian Nicholson
Maruf Rahman
Michael Rodriguez
Jeremy Scrubb
Mohammad Sidiqqui
Thomas Smith
Joshua Topliffe
Marika VanLaan
Matthew Weinberg
Ahmed Zaidi
Caroline Pugliesi
Kristina Simmons
Chris Wachel
Laura Hoffman
David Reddy
Nancy Mayen
Joseph Snyder
Danica Dometita
Russ Pierce (Regions Bank) Pierce
Joe Conway
Scott Desmond
Kory Jessen
Amanda Long
Richard Plummer
Thomas Pope
Jamie Richardson
Sean Thompkins
Fatima Bancod Bancod
Jonathan Beltran Beltran
Simoun Dela Cruz Dela Cruz
Jennelyn L. De Leon De Leon
Joana Camille C. Casucian Casucian
Jesa F. Golez Golez
Dunhill D. Libayan Libayan
Lisa Beth B. Lizardo Lizardo
Alexander U. Payte Payte
Paul Conrad A. Pelaez Pelaez
Diego S. Reyes Reyes
Cristina M. Ulanday Ulanday
Reggie Valdez Valde
Rhenice L. Villarosa Villarosa
Tyler Bradshaw
Cris Carreon
Wendy Deluca
Winnona Desombre
Levi Gundert
Daniel Hatheway
Dan Kropp
Greg Lesnewich
Adrian Mata
Anissa Wozencraft
Gabriella Zoia


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  • To Whom It May Concern,

    How does one go about being certified? How much does it cost? Thank you for your time.

    Brittany Kaylor

  • Hi Brittany,

    Currently, certification can be accomplished either through the Recorded Future Training Seminars held quarterly, or through if your company purchases a training event onsite. Onsite training and certification costs $15,999.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    John Wetzel
    Training Program Manager

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