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You can access on-demand training at our portal,

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Our online learning portal is available to all Recorded Future clients, 24/7.

  • Access the Recorded Future University Campus via Platform login
  • Explore recordings in Backpacks
  • Groups for community sharing
  • Videos on platform elements
  • Enroll and take courses on broad topics such as Recorded Future 101
  • Review Weekly Analyst Tips
  • Product feature videos
  • Integrations overviews, demos & more

Access at



Recorded Future training supports our clients and the cybersecurity community to understand and apply threat intelligence. We want to share our vision of a world where defenders apply vast intelligence at the speed and scale of the internet to gain the advantage over attackers.

For our Enterprise clients, you can request additional training on advanced topics with Training Credits. These courses include navigating the criminal economy on dark web or using xubuntu and open tools to conduct threat hunting. For more information contact your Intelligence Services consultant.


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