About Threat Research Reports

Recorded Future produces several types of threat intelligence research reports. This article identifies each reporting stream and provides links to learn more.

Analyst On-Demand

For organizations just getting started with threat intelligence or sophisticated teams requiring supplementary intelligence products, Recorded Future offers threat research reporting by our analyst team. Reporting options include both on-demand threat research (RFI response) and recurring threat landscape summaries.

Analyst On-Demand reporting enables customers to focus our team on threats and incidents that are urgent for them, when the intelligence is needed most. Redacted content from on-demand reports are later released to the full Recorded Future community, whenever appropriate.

Learn more about Analyst On-Demand reporting on our public website or by contacting your Recorded Future account representative.

Insikt Group

Insikt Group is our self-directed threat research team, and is comprised of threat intelligence analysts, linguists, and security researchers with deep government and industry experience. The word insikt is Swedish for insight and highlights their mission: finding insights that reduce risk for our customers, with intelligence that produces tangible outcomes and prevents business loss.

Insikt Group publishes their threat research first to the Recorded Future community. All Recorded Future customers have full access to Insikt Group threat research reports.

Research highlights are published to our customer-facing blog (login required.) All Insikt Group threat reports are indexed and integrated into the Recorded Future web application and APIs.

Published Threat Research

We also release selected threat research to all audiences through our public blog. Often, this research is related to Insikt Group or Analyst On-Demand reporting. Some public blog posts highlight the quantitative analysis work of our Data Science team.  

Learn more by reading and subscribing to our public blog.


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