Supported Browsers

Recorded Future supports the following web browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+ and above, Edge, Safari, iOS, Android 4.0.

Our practice is to support the latest major release of each browser and to support the previous major release for a transition period of at least 24 months. 

Please consider the following:

  • Make sure Javascript is enabled.
  • Older versions of the above-listed browsers may not provide a full experience and it is recommended that you update to the latest version of the browser you choose.
  • In Internet Explorer, the high-security level for the Internet zone will prevent some Recorded Future views from displaying. You can resolve this issue by configuring Internet Explorer to run Recorded Future at the medium-high security level, either by adding Recorded Future to your list of trusted sites or by lowering the security level for the Internet zone to medium-high. 
  • Separately, please add to your browser's trusted sites.
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