Two Factor Authentication

Contact our Support Team to activate two factor authentication (2FA) for your organization’s account. All user accounts for your organization will be required to activate 2FA.

Recorded Future implements 2FA authentication with Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP). To use TOTP, download one of the following smartphone apps and follow the directions below:


Setting Up 2FA on your Recorded Future Account

1. After Recorded Future confirms that 2FA is enabled for your organization, log in using a valid username and password. You will be automatically directed to the 2FA setup page.


2. Use your TOTP authenticator app to scan the barcode. This stores a shared secret code known to Recorded Future and the authenticator, which is used to generate six-digit verification codes.

3. Your TOTP authenticator will generate a verification code. To confirm receipt of the shared secret, enter the verification code to complete 2FA setup and login to Recorded Future.

4. After logging in, you will find scratch codes for your user account in your User Settings page. Scratch codes enable you to reset the 2FA security on your user account if you lose access to the TOTP shared secret. Store your scratch codes only in secure, private location.

Experiencing Issues?

Occasionally, smart phones become out of sync and apps such Google's Authenticator create passwords that will not be valid.


Resetting your phone's time settings may help:

Android: From within Authenticator

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select Time correction for codes
  • Select Sync now

iPhone/iOS: From within the Settings app

  • Select General
  • Select Date & Time
  • Enable Set Automatically
  • If its already enabled, disable it, wait a few seconds and re-enable

Additional Support Links

Google's 2FA troubleshooting guide Common issues with 2-Step Verification.

Additional TOTP resources for Windows, Android, and iOS can be found on GitHub’s TOTP site.

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