Last and First Reference Collected On Dates

The header area of each Intelligence Card includes two dates (Last Reference Collected On and First Reference Collected On) which help you understand how long Recorded Future has tracked this entity.

Last Reference Collected On
The latest (most recent) document download date for any event involving this entity.

First Reference Collected On
The earliest document download date for any event involving this entity.

These two dates are download dates, bracketing the earliest and latest times when Recorded Future collected new events involving the Intelligence Card entity.

Note that these dates are not publication dates, like most other dates shown in Intelligence Cards. It is possible for the First Reference Collected On date to be later than the publication date of First Reference shown in the Intelligence Card. For example, the First Reference event may come from a historic document that was collected significantly after its original publication date, when Recorded Future explored a link in a newly published document.

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